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Cobourg (Central Ontario, K9A 4K1)
1. County of Northumberland (Upper Tier Northumberland) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (905) 372-3329 FAX: (905) 372-1746 - Leave a Public Review
2. Dairy Dream / Meet at 66 King Your Host(s): David and Edward Cunnington, Phone: (905) 372-2537 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Step back in time and enjoy all your favourite ice cream treats, prepared especially for you at our 1960's style ice cream parlour, or relax in our unique dessert lounge and savour a light lunch and specially brewed coffee.
3. Kim Nail Salon (Cobourg) Phone: (905) 372-6888 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
A place to pamper yourself in downtown Cobourg. We offer manicures, pedicures and other service
4. Moore Orchards Your Host(s): Heidi and Patrick Behan and Family, Phone: (905) 372-3911 Public Reviews (4) - Leave a Public Review
Moore Orchards is an award-winning, family owned and operated fruit farm. We grow apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, rhubarb and pears.
5. Rock Ridges Landscape Supply Yard Your Host(s): Gord de Vries, Phone: (905) 375-9131 FAX: (905) 373-4935 - Leave a Public Review
Quality product, good service and sound advice
6. Town of Cobourg (Lower Tier Northumberland) Your Host(s): Cobourg Public Library, Phone: (905) 372-9271 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 15,426. In Hamilton T., Northumberland C., on L. Ontario at Factory Cr. and C. Rds. 2 & 45,just S ofHwy 401,114 km. E of Toronto.
7. Township of Hamilton (Single Tier Hamilton) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (905) 342-2810 FAX: (905) 342-2818 - Leave a Public Review
8. Yorkies Bar.B.Q Your Host(s): Dave Yorke, Phone: (905) 372-6060 - Leave a Public Review
9. Patricia's Gift Shop (Keene, 31km) Your Host(s): Patricia Morden, Phone: (705) 295-1715 - Leave a Public Review
A charming shop in the Kawartha Lakes District offering unique giftware, vintage treasures, seasonal decor, linens and floral arrangements.
10. Zenner Concrete Pumping (Norwood, 49km) Your Host(s): Ron and Laurie Zenner, Phone: (705) 927-8757 Public Reviews (4) - Leave a Public Review
Zenner Concrete Pumping is owned and operated by Ron and Laurie Zenner and has been licenced for more than 20 years.
  11. Cambourne Your Host(s): Canada Post Cobourg, Phone: (905) 372-3349 - Leave a Public Review
Pop.289. In Hamilton T., Northumberland c., on C. Rd. 18, 10 km. NW of Cobourg.
  12. Carruthers Country Fields Your Host(s): Malcolm and Cathy Carruthers, Phone: (905) 372-3705 - Leave a Public Review
Sweet corn, pumpkins, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, honey, preserves and baking
  13. Creighton Heights Your Host(s): Cobourg Public Library, Phone: (905) 372-9271 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 221. A settlement in Hamilton T., Northumberland C. on C. Rd. 45,4 km. N of Cobourg.
  14. Fenella Your Host(s): Canada Post Cobourg, Phone: (905) 372-3349 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 43. In Haldimand T., Northumberland C. on C. Rd. 45, 22 km. NE of Cobourg. The place was named in 1860, likely after Fenella Burn in Kincardineshire, Scotland.
  15. Lovshin Family Fresh Produce Farm Your Host(s): Mark and Christine Lovshin, Phone: (905) 885-4048 - Leave a Public Review
Assorted vegetables picked fresh daily
  16. Melissa Flynn, Broker – Our Neighbourhood Realty Inc., Brokerage Your Host(s): Melissa Flynn, Phone: (905) 373-7272 - Leave a Public Review
  17. Precious Corners Your Host(s): Canada Post Cobourg, Phone: (905) 372-3349 Public Reviews (1) - Leave a Public Review
Pop.133. In Northumberiand C.onC. Rds.18 & 74, 8 km NW of Cobourg. The place was named in 1890 for settler Joseph Precious.
  18. Sprucewood Brands Your Host(s): Mark Pollard, Toll Free Phone: (877) 632-1300 - Leave a Public Review
Your local source for quality private & corporate catering, special events & fundraising.
  19. Thanadoula Phillips Lifestyle Management Inc. Your Host(s): Barb Phillips - Leave a Public Review
  20. Gary Mulcahey, Photographer (Castleton, 23km) , Phone: (905) 373-8705 - Leave a Public Review
21. Baltimore (Baltimore, 8km) Your Host(s): Mister Convenience, Phone: (905) 372-2421 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 261. In Hamilton T., Northumberland C. on C. Rds. 15,45 & 74, 8 km NE of Cobourg.
22. Baltimore Valley Garden Centre (Baltimore, 8km) Your Host(s): John Moore, Phone: (905) 372-2662 Public Reviews (6) - Leave a Public Review
Garden Centre offering nursery stock, shrubs, perennials, annuals and succulents.
  23. Casteels' Greenhouses...Home of the Perfect Tomato (Baltimore, 8km) , Phone: (905) 349-2250 - Leave a Public Review
24. Dalton McDonald Motors (Baltimore, 8km) Your Host(s): Dalton and Heather McDonald, Phone: (905) 349-3331 - Leave a Public Review
We have a class A mechanic on staff for service on your foreign or domestic vehicle.
  25. Ed de Graaf Wood Craftsman (Baltimore, 8km) Your Host(s): Ed and Yvonne, Phone: (905) 349-3302 FAX: (905) 349-3117 - Leave a Public Review
Tables, Beds, Hutches, Armoires and much more.
26. Scenery Drive Restaurant (Baltimore, 8km) Your Host(s): Perry Robins, Phone: (905) 349-2217 Public Reviews (4) - Leave a Public Review
(April 2023) Prime rib is available on Saturday and Sunday. Triple A, 12 oz. Prime Rib, cooked per order with all the trimmings. Warm up to our French Onion soup!!
27. Barn Finds Used Furniture and Antiques (Port Hope, 10km) Your Host(s): Peter VanderWindt, Phone: (905) 885-4356 - Leave a Public Review
Open afternoons and weekends...other times by chance.
  28. Dancing Bee Apiaries (Port Hope, 10km) Your Host(s): Todd Kalisz, Phone: (905) 753-2623 - Leave a Public Review
  29. Fenton Farm Fresh Vegetables (Port Hope, 10km) Your Host(s): Elwood and Peggy Fenton, Phone: (905) 885-6445 - Leave a Public Review
New Potatoes, Beets and Zuccini
  30. Furby House Books (Port Hope, 10km) , Phone: (905) 885-7296 - Leave a Public Review
  31. Ganaraska Art (Port Hope, 10km) , Phone: (905) 885-1323 - Leave a Public Review
  32. Haute Goat Edibles (Port Hope, 10km) Your Host(s): Debbie & Shain, Phone: (416) 402-8144 - Leave a Public Review
33. Herma's Fine Food & Gifts (Port Hope, 10km) , Phone: (905) 885-9250 - Leave a Public Review
A visit to Herma’s is an unforgettable experience. Browse a gorgeous selection of products, including a gourmet emporium, artisanal cheeses, delectable chocolates, and an unrivaled selection of decorative and personal gifts.
  34. Lamb's Farm Fresh Produce (Port Hope, 10km) Your Host(s): Ruth or Jim Lamb, Phone: (905) 753-2451 - Leave a Public Review
Responsibly produced strawberries, sweet corn and vegetables.
35. Municipality of Port Hope (Lower Tier Northumberland) (Port Hope, 10km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Port Hope, Phone: (905) 885-5594 - Leave a Public Review
Pop. 10,962. In Hope T., Northumberland C., on L. Ontario at the mouth of the Ganaraska R. and C. Rds. 2 & 28,102 km NE of Toronto.
36. Osland Sheep and Beef Farm (Port Hope, 10km) Your Host(s): Cindy Osland, Phone: (905) 753-2317 - Leave a Public Review
The Osland family has been farming this land since 1900. It has always been a way of life. We grow the feed for our livestock so we know what is going into our animals. Our family eats what we sell and we know the importance of safe food.
37. Port Hope Bicycle (Port Hope, 10km) Your Host(s): George Hussey, Phone: (905) 885-1077 - Leave a Public Review
Port Hope Bicycle was established in 2004 and we’re more than just your local bike shop. We advocate cycling for people of all ages and fitness levels, not just those who want to race.
  38. Port Hope Fair (Port Hope & District Agricultural Society) (Port Hope, 10km) , Phone: (905) 396-3247 - Leave a Public Review
Traditional competitions and exhibitions for Art, Baking, Canning, Farm and Field crops, Fruits and Vegetables, Handcrafts, Needlework, Photography and Plants and Flowers
39. Primitive Designs Canada (Port Hope, 10km) Your Host(s): Ron Dacey and Rhonda Cook, Phone: (905) 885-7516 - Leave a Public Review
Primitive Designs is a retail, import store located in Port Hope, Ontario.
  40. Randalls (Port Hope, 10km) , Phone: (905) 885-2424 - Leave a Public Review