Highway 33 Meat and Variety

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Carrying Place, ON (Nearby: Astra, Trenton, Consecon, Batawa, Hillier)

  • Just south of Trenton
  • A sample of our meat selection

22186 Loyalist Parkway
Carrying Place, Ontario
K0K 1L0

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible

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Tour Group Person Limit: 40

Driving Directions:
  • Exit 522 south from the 401 and drive 3 km. to the Loyalist Parkway (Hwy 33). Turn right and drive south 1 km. to Sprenkels on the right hand side.

Description From Owner:
  • WEEKLY BUTCHER'S SHOP SPECIALS: Hamburgers, sausage, steaks of all kinds, shish kabobs, and all premium meat cuts.
  • LOCATED 5 MINUTES FROM THE WELLER'S BAY CAMPING DISTRICT (just south of Trenton before Prince Edward County). Your One Stop Shop for all your camping necessities.
  • Video store - DVDs
  • Reids Dairy Outlet.

Address of this page: http://on.ruralroutes.com/Hwy33

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Highway 33 Meat and Variety, Phone : (613) 392-6800

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on 30-Mar-10
I love going to Sprenkels - we always get our fresh Christmas turkey from them - for a few reasons besides their top-notch butcher department. (Note to hunters - Sprenkels is an exemplary venison-processing facility, too.) When we first moved here our daughter, who'd long been traveling Wooler Road down to Consecon where her friend's family has a summer place, introduced us to the mile-high ice cream cones served at Sprenkels. First of us to try them after her were another daughter and me. Not only could you order unique flavours like apple pie (it's all Reid Dairy ice cream), the sheer height of the double-and-then-some scoop for only $1.50 was awe-inspiring. These days, the scoops are a little smaller (I wonder who interfered with a good thing?) but that's okay with me because it was becoming too hard to finish the whole thing! The second good reason is the vegetable and fruit seller who sets up shop in Sprenkels' parking lot in the summer. It's my second favourite place to go for veggies, the first being Laurie's who sells from her own yard on Highway 2 and is closer to my house. But that's a Trenton story for the summer months. http://trentonstories.blogspot.com/2010/01/trenton-ontario-canada-that-is.html

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